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affiliates, suggestions, & promo banners

This post features a list of our affiliates, promo banners with ready-to-use codes for you to promote the community, and a place for you to suggest anything you want for the community :)

We only accept icon challenges/stillness, LIMS, rumbles, 20in20s, and any other icon challenge type of community. The only communities we'll affiliate with other than that is those Britney-related.

icon challenges
brit_icontest ○ Britney Spears icontest
dianna_stills ○ Dianna Agron stills challenge
elizabethstills ○ Elizabeth Swann (of Pirates and the Caribbean) stills challenge
guys20in20 ○ Guys 20in20
katypicontest ○ Katy Perry icontest
keira_stillness ○ Keira Knightley stills challenge
keira_stills ○ Keira Knightley stills challenge
lims_btvs ○ "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" LIMS
mkalims ○ Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen LIMS
model20in20 ○ Models 20in20
scarlettstills ○ Scarlet Johansson stills challenge
taylorchallenge ○ Taylor Swift icontest

britney communities

sister communities (others owned by me)
bspears20in20 ○ Britney Spears 20in20
bspears_stills ○ Britney Spears stills challenge
celebrandom10 ○ Celebrity Rumble-Style challenge
centralperklims ○ "FRIENDS" LIMS
famous_stills ○ Celebrity stills challenge
jenn_lims ○ Jennifer Aniston LIMS
jlo_lims ○ Jennifer Lopez LIMS
keiralims ○ Keira Knightley LIMS
mfox_lims ○ Megan Fox LIMS

Below you will find many promo banners with codes in a textbox below. If you'd like to donate some banners, please just comment with your 300x200 banners!
The only thing you have to do with the codes is insert the link for the sign up post or delete the link. I know I'll forget to fix it.

Tags: !affiliates, !promo banners, !suggestions

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